The Ten Courses of Wholesome Karma

Three of the body: 1. Abstaining from killing or taking life, oppression and harassment; possessing kindness, compassion and helpfulness. 2. Abstaining from filching, theft and exploitation; respecting the property rights of others. 3. Abstaining from misconduct and violation of others’ loved or cherished ones; not abusing them, disgracing or dishonoring their families. Four of speech:

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The Virtues of Giving ── Dana

The Meaning of Dana ? Dana is the Pali word for giving. The practice of giving is universally recognized as one of the most basic human virtues, a quality that testifies to the depth of one’s humanity and one’s capacity for self-transcendence. In the teaching of the Buddha, too, the practice of giving claims a

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Suggested Readings in Buddhism

Including the Theravada and Mahayana Traditions at the Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels Teachers, students, and friends of Bodhi Monastery have suggested these readings; therefore, this is not a complete or impartial selection. We’ve included readings from both the Theravada and Mahayana traditions at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. We hope it is a

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