About Buddhism

The Buddha’s teaching, called the Dharma, is not a doctrine to be accepted on faith, but a body of observations on life and beneficial practices that can be integrated into your life to bring you joy and peace of mind. Find more Buddhist Dharma

Dharma Lectures

Bodhi Monastery offers online audio lessons from Buddhist masters covering a range of topics. You will find lectures on the Buddha’s discourses, lessons in Pali, and talks on various practical aspects of Buddhism. Listen to online lessons now

The Sangha

Life at Bodhi Monastery centers around the Sangha, a community of monks and nuns who follow the Dharma full time. Lay Buddhists who wish to develop their practice also participate in the programs and activities at the monastery. Learn about programs and events

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Bodhi Monastery is registered as a non-profit organization. When you donate, you help us help you, and together we can help the world. You also earn merit through your generosity, and your donation is tax deductible. Contribute Now

About Us

Bodhi Monastery is a distinctive Buddhist monastery located in the rolling hills of Sussex County, New Jersey. Set on 188 acres of verdant woodlands and fields, amidst herds of deer, the monastery offers a fresh yet ancient perspective on the practice of Buddhism in today’s world. Monastery aims to promote the study and practice of Buddhism as an integral whole rather than to focus on the teachings of a particular Buddhist sect .....

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Wisdom Quotes

The traveler has reached the end of the journey! In the freedom of the infinite he is free from all sorrows, the fetters that bound him are thrown away, and the burning fever of life is no more.


Do not speak harshly to any one; those who are spoken to will answer thee in the same way. Angry speech is painful: blows for blows will touch thee.


Anger will never disappear so long as thoughts of resentment are cherished in the mind. Anger will disappear just as soon as thoughts of resentment are forgotten.


Mind precedes all knowables,
mind’s their chief, mind-made are they.
If with a corrupted mind
one should either speak or act
dukkha follows caused by that,
as does the wheel the ox’s hoof.


Mind precedes all knowables,
mind’s their chief, mind-made are they.
If with a clear, and confident mind
one should speak and act
as one’s shadow ne’er departing.