Monastery History

main entryBodhi Monastery is a distinctive Buddhist monastery located in the rolling hills of Sussex County, New Jersey. Set on 188 acres of verdant woodlands and fields, amidst herds of deer, the monastery offers a fresh yet ancient perspective on the practice of Buddhism in today’s world. The origins of Bodhi Monastery lie in the comprehensive, non–sectarian vision of Master Yin–Shun, the foremost Chinese scholar–monk of modern times, whose work has inspired a Buddhist intellectual renaissance in Taiwan. In line with the vision of Master Yin–Shun, Bodhi Monastery aims to promote the study and practice of Buddhism as an integral whole rather than to focus on the teachings of a particular Buddhist sect or branch.

Bodhi Monastery aims to promote the study and practice of Buddhism as an integral whole, with special focus on the clear and direct teachings of ancient Pali Buddhism and their philosophical and ethical elaboration in the early Mahayana. The monastery thus represents a unique, spiritually enriching synthesis of these two major Buddhist traditions. Continue Reading »

Three Refuges and The Heart Sutra in Videos

Three Refuges and The Heart Sutra Chanted by the Venerable Monks of Fu Yan Buddhist Seminary of Taiwan. (Pinyin Captions added by the Rochester Chan Buddhist Temple)    

Daily Liturgy Services

Buddhist Liturgy Daily: 4:30-5 PM – Evening chanting liturgy is held seven days a week. All are welcome to attend this beautiful and elevating service, held in classical Chinese style. First Saturday of the month: 10:40-11:10 AM – Devotional service (Circumambulation, chanting, offerings) includes walking meditation. Liturgy Digital Audio Listen to a morning liturgy and

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Meditation Programs

Sitting and Walking Meditation The Sunday morning group meditation is guided by the resident monks, and meets from 9:00-10:00 am. Currently, we first sit for 30 minutes, walk for 15 minutes, and then sit again, leaving time for a short question and answer period at the end. We finish with the Sharing of Merits. We

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