A Sixty-Year Spiritual Voyage on the Ocean of Dharma

  A Sixty-Year Spiritual Voyage on the Ocean of Dharma is a personal retrospect of Ven. Yinshun’s long career of meticulous and wide-ranging scholarship. There was hardly a phase of Indian Buddhist literature that Yinshun did not explore and discuss in depth. His scholarly work, which is embodied in close to fifty volumes, extends from studies in the most ancient Buddhist canons to expositions of Madhyamaka and Mind-Only philosophy. These scholarly studies did not serve a merely academic purpose but contributed to his lifelong project of devising a truly contemporary expression of the Dharma.

  Sixty-Year Spiritual Voyage, which the Master wrote on the eve of his eightieth year, gives us a telescopic view of the momentous work of this prolific scholar as well as a concise statement of the conclusions he reached about the correct understanding of Buddhism in theory and practice.