The Way to Buddhahood

By Ven. Jen-chun
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This booklet consists of talks given by Ven. Jen-chun as preparation fro the study of Ven. Yin-shun’s  The Way to Buddhahood, a monumental treatise by the foremost Chinese scholar-monk of modern times. Ven. Jen-chun gave lectures on this work for over two years and this booklet contains the opening lectures to that series. Ven. Jen-chun wanted to point out the basic concepts that anyone studying Buddhism should understand before he began his lectures on The Way to Buddhahood. He offers the reader invaluable instructions on the orientation needed to successfully enter the gateway of the Buddha Dharma. His concern is not with theory but with attitudes and actions. He points out that our purpose in studying the Dharma should not be the mere acquiring of information, but the transformation and purification of our minds. Though he ultimately steers us towards the broad bodhisattva path, he does not let us escape the “narrow path” with its hard tasks of self-scrutiny, self-rectification, and self-cultivation. (Book available for free distribution at Bodhi Monastery.)