Ven. Ren junMaster Jen–Chun (仁俊法師), Bodhi Monastery’s founder and spiritual leader, has written extensively on the Buddha Dharma and has lectured throughout the United States and in many other countries around the world. Born in Jiangsu Province, China, in 1919, he embraced the monastic life at age 7 under the guidance of Ven. Master Chuan–Dao (傳道法師). At age 20 he entered the Buddhist academy of Tian–Ning Temple (天寧寺佛學院). Thereafter he studied at the Ming–Nan Buddhist Academy (閩南佛學院), beginning his teaching career after graduation. In 1949, he moved to Hong Kong where he met Master Yin–Shun and became his disciple. He then moved with Master Yin–Shun (印順導師) to Taiwan where he taught at the Fu–yan Buddhist Academy (福嚴佛學院).

In 1973, Master Jen–Chun was invited by the Buddhist Association of the United States (BAUS) to be the abbot of the Great Enlightenment Temple in The Bronx, New York City.

He was also appointed Chairman of BAUS. For approximately the last 20 years, Master Jen–Chun has led a simple life in New Jersey, teaching numerous followers. His goal is to create a pure form of Buddhism in the United States by emphasizing the study and practice of Dharma instead of ritual practices and ceremonies.

Through Master Jen–Chun’s influence, the Yin Shun Foundation was created to translate Master Yin Shun’s works into English. In response to his followers’ urging to pass on his great learning to the next generation, he founded Bodhi Monastery with help from the Yin Shun Foundation.