I. About the Retreat

Ānāpānasati, generally known as mindfulness of breathing, is a core meditation practice now common to the Theravada, Tibetan, Tiantai, and Zen traditions of Buddhism, as well as a part of many modern Western mindfulness-based programs. In both ancient times, and still today, Ānāpānasati might be the most widely used Buddhist method for contemplating bodily phenomena which leads to the cultivation of both concentration (Samadhi) and insight (Vipassana).

According to tradition, Ānāpānasati was originally taught by the Buddha in several sutras including the Ānāpānasati Sutta (Majjhima-Nikaya, No. 118). There the Buddha explained why one should practice mindfulness of breathing. The discourse reads, when mindfulness of breathing is developed and cultivated, it is of great fruit and great benefit. It fulfills the four foundations of mindfulness. When the four foundations of mindfulness are developed and cultivated, they fulfill the seven enlightenment factors. When the seven enlightenment factors are developed and cultivated, they fulfill True Knowledge and Liberation.

Among the 40 traditionally recognized objects of Buddhist meditation, Ānāpānasati can be easily acquired and practiced. It also has a peaceful character and leads to stability of mind, an antidote to distraction and discursive thought. A successful practitioner of Ānāpānasati may attain the four anapana jhanas, and thus lay the foundation for the development of Vipassana. Because of such advantageous qualities, Ānāpānasati was recommended by the Buddha himself as suitable for everybody. Saṃyutta Nikāya has it that the Buddha praised Ānāpānasati as the method through which that all ‘Noble Ones”, himself included, had achieved success and which they regularly practiced.

The retreats, to be led by well-recognized monk from Malaysia, Ven. Bhikkhu Kai Yin, will include a series of well-scheduled activities, including daily Dharma talks, step-by-step instruction on practicing Ānāpānasati meditation, group sitting meditation, periods of walking meditation, and Q & A sessions.

II. Registration Note

  • We kindly ask that all meditation participants attend the entire retreat from start to finish. Please read the retreat general guidelines for details.
  • Please submit your application here Online registration .
  • As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt religious organization, we welcome your generous donation via online or check during the check-in time. All donations are tax-deductible.
  • Check-in:
    • April 15th, 2016 @ 3:00 pm.
  • Retreat will end on:
    • April 17th, 2016 @ 2:00 pm.

III. Time Schedules

Time 4/15(Fri) 4/16(Sat) 4/17(Sun)
04:30-05:00 Wake-up call
05:00-06:20 Meditation & Eight Precepts (Saturday Only)
06:30-08:20 Breakfast / Chores
08:30-09:00 Instruction / Meditation
09:00-09:50 Meditation
10:00-10:50 Meditation Q&A/Sharing Merit
11:00-13:20 Lunch & Rest Lunch/
13:30-14:20 12 Stretch Forms Cleaning up
14:30-15:00 Instruction / Meditation Departure
15:00-15:50 Check in Meditation
16:00-16:50 Q&A
17:00-17:50 Introductory Walking Meditation
18:00-19:20 Personal time
19:30-21:20 Meditation/Dharma talk & Sharing Merit
21:20-21:30 Nighttime Preparation/Light out