Ven. Bhikkhu GuochingBhikkhu Guoching came to United State from China as a international student, after graduating with a master’s degree in 1991, he gave up a promising career & existential conformity to completely commit a life in Buddhism. In 1999, under the directive of Elder Master Jen chun (仁俊長老, Ren jun in Mandarin Chinese), he took Novice ordination from Master Sheng Yen (聖嚴長老), the Lineage given Monastic name, Guoching (釋果慶). Thence, he apprenticed in serious study under the guidance of Master Jen chun (仁俊長老) and was privileged as the Elder’s personal attendant.

In year 2000, he helped to institute Bodhi Monastery and held permanent residence with deterministic industry. He received full ordination the same year. He has served as the Monastery’s secretary and editor of the Enlightenment Magazine. In Year 2007, when Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi retired as Abbot, Ven. Guoching was auspiciously relegated and installed as the Abbot of Bodhi Monastery, to present. Year 2011, with the passing of the Founder Master Jen chun (仁俊長老), Ven. Guoching faithfully delivers meditation practice instructions and Buddha Dharma to patrons in English. He is a scholarship speaker in the annual Yin Shun Foundation Dharma Retreat and conducts various meritorious activities in the monastery.